Eurospares Zone

Established in 2005, Euro Spares Zone is a leading trader of Automotive Spare parts for European passenger vehicles and trucks. Our consolidated presence in the Middle Eastern market is operated from two strategic locations of Kuwait and Jebel Ali, UAE.

We offer a one-stop automotive parts solution for our customers.  Our comprehensive range of genuine parts, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and replacement automotive parts include more than 40,000 items for your engine, body, gears, electrical and suspension needs, among a host of others.

We are the authorized resellers of 15 trusted manufacturers and have expanded our product line and coverage of vehicles. We strive to create long term relationships with our customers by building trust and loyalty through the reliability of our products.

After a decade in operation, we are recognized for our integrity, unrivaled quality, and excellent customer service. Our skilled staff is committed to upholding a high standard of trustworthiness and professionalism to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

We offer Workshops for all skill levels as part of our ongoing customer support.  We will continue to expand our product range and customer service to create the most effective auto parts distribution system.

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