KMS Dubai

or KMS FZCo Dubai

For over 25 years, KMS has been extensively involved in the marketing of Quality lubricants of various brands both in Kuwait and other GCC countries. From the beginning, our dedicated team has invested their skills and energy in the marketing of Agip Products in Kuwait; providing prompt supplies and after sales technical support was the key to our success.

Due to our excellent track record, we were chosen and appointed by AgipPetroli, a state owned Italian Oil Company, as the Licensee of AgipPetroli (ENI Group) for this region. In due course, we took on representation for Sinopec lubricants in the state of Kuwait and Bahrain. Our lubricants market now extends beyond the GCC (Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA) to Yemen, Jordan, Bangladesh, India and parts of Africa.

Due to our overwhelming success, in the lubes arena, we have now setup our own lubricants blending and packaging unit to cater to our own in-house brands, and third parties. All products are formulated using additives from USA, and base oils from Europe.

Our product line includes both mineral and synthetic based lubricants for normal automotive, industrial, and specialty products covering various other applications.

Our dedicated team, with over thirty years combined experience in the field of lubricants, is always on hand to provide you with technical support, advice and assistance to guide you to select the right lubricant for your application.