Assets and Logistics

Our comprehensive support for the war fighter in Kuwait began in 1996 when we first established and managed remote desert coalition camps. Since then, we have been awarded numerous contracts to support various branches of the U.S. Government (USG) and its Coalition Forces, as well as civilian contractors, as prime vendors and subcontractors.

Our team of over 1,000 experienced and resourceful employees, work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure efficient and exemplary assistance to those on the frontlines.  Our support, services, and supplies range from vital life support items; delivering potable/bulk water, septic services, dumpsters, tents, generators, HVAC maintenance, leased showers, latrine trailers, laundry trailers and labor crews to other transportation services, warehousing, equipment supplies, catering, lodging and manpower. We command a diversified fleet of assets to respond to the entire spectrum of logistical requirements.

We offer host services that facilitate sponsorship for visas/residency, drivers license, cell phones, Internet, vehicles and housing. We also perform mission critical range maintenance and construction at the Udairi range training complex, and have constructed several outdoor live fire facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including multiple, fully instrumented range control towers.

We have operated in a number of strategic locations such as Camps Arifjan, Buehring, Patriot, Virginia and Doha, Shuwaiba Port (SPOD), Kuwait City International Airport (KCIA), Kuwait Naval Base (KNB) and Air Bases to include Ali Al Salem, Ahmed Al Jaber and Abdullah Al Mubarak among other locations in Kuwait, Iraq and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

We have been recognized by our partners for providing inclusive and integrated services with flexibility and timeliness at competitive pricing. We have received commendations from the U.S. Central Command as well as numerous awards and accolades from senior military officials. 

We provide subcontract support to Raytheon, Vectrus/Exelis/ITT, AECOM, URS, CACI, DynCorp, General Dynamics, Engility/MPRI, and KBR. 

Our long established affiliations have allowed us to be an active player in the delivery of commodities and services throughout the Middle East as we strive to be the most valuable asset to our customers and their projects.

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